Health of the digestive system is critical for the healthy functioning of all the body organs in the long run. Constipation is a common ailment that affects the digestive system and causes difficulty in passing regular stool. Dr. Hootan Melamed, renowned pharmacist and entrepreneur, and founder and president of Skyler Holdings, has focused a significant part of his research and development efforts in compounding pharmacy to creating solutions that address constipation effectively.

Dr. Melamed recommends certain pharmacy medications as oral laxatives, which can be useful for patients who seek alternatives to conventional medicine. One of the key recommendations of Dr. Melamed is Laxacin.

What is Laxacin?

Laxacin is an oral laxative and stool softener, which is aimed at addressing constipation effectively. Dr. Melamed is satisfied with the safety aspects of this medication, which is produced by an FDA approved manufacturer in accordance with FDA regulations. Laxacin contains two major ingredients that actively promote two separate mechanisms to tackle constipation.

Docusate Sodium and Sennosides are the two active agents in Laxacin. They work individually as well as in concert with each other to produce a healthy and regular bowel movement. It takes about six to 12 hours to achieve the results with this medication. Dr. Melamed suggests Laxacin to patients who seek relief from occasional constipation.

Dosage Instructions

According to Dr. Melamed, safe and desirable results can be achieved with any pharmacy medication when it is taken in the appropriate quantity and appropriate manner as instructed. Adults can take Laxacin with a full glass of water, but it should be used for children only after consultation with a doctor. Adults as well as children over the age of 12 can start with two tablets of Laxacin once a day. The maximum limit should be four tablets taken twice a day.

How does it Work?

Water content is enhanced with Docusate Sodium, which softens the stool and creates smoother intestinal passage. The gastrointestinal tract becomes more motile with Sennosides. One good thing about Laxacin is that it not only gives relief against temporary constipation, but also plays the role of a preventative agent.

The dual active ingredient formulation of Laxacin sets it apart from a majority of other constipation relieving medications that involve just one active agent. Laxacin leads to stimulation of the gut and also increases the water in the stool to facilitate better bowel movement. Both ingredients of Laxacin also have proven individual benefits.

Usage Advice

Dr. Hootan Melamed suggests that patients should follow the usage warnings carefully in order to achieve safe and desirable outcomes with any kinds of drugs. The following are a few of the usage guidelines that should be applied in case of Laxacin:

• In case the patient is taking mineral oil, Laxacin should be avoided unless directed by a doctor.
• It should not be used for longer than a week, unless directed by a doctor.
• In the event of any adverse reaction, usage should be stopped and a doctor should be consulted.
• If bowel movement stops after the use of Laxacin, usage should be stopped and a doctor should be consulted.

For best results, patients should review the detailed usage warning and potential drug interactions or consult their physician.

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