Children and young adolescents alike are at their very early developmental stages. Little do they know or have faced the complexes encircling our lifestyles. They are also innocent, little thinkers who act on an established set of rudimentary principles. When they fall down and get hurt, they fail to bear the pain and burst out loud into tears. And, when they fall sick they endure in a state of entangled fragility.

Medically diagnosing and treating for a symptom of illness and disorder in children is as delicate as it can get since their functionality is a lot more different from that of adults which is why a special branch of medicine pertaining to children and their disorders emerged merely a century ago and it is called Pediatrics. Physicians who specialize in Pediatrics are called Pediatricians. They are well-qualified to diagnose symptoms in children and improve the quality of life by prevention of long term effects.

Pediatric Compounding

Prescribing medicines to kids can be quite an issue in itself as it happens that most kids cannot deal with pills which are relatively oversized and bitter in taste. It can be hard to convince them about it and forcing them may not be a good idea either. A better solution is offered by Pediatric compounding.

In Pediatric Compounding, the required medicines which are needed by the prescriber can be customized according to his individual preferences without affecting the quality and effectiveness of the drug. Compounding is a recognized discipline in Medical Pharmacy and is known to all trained and certified practitioners. It is also preferred by people of other age groups.

Dr. Hootan Melamad and his team of Pharmaceutical Compounders are experts when it comes to customizing the dosage into a form which the kids will appreciate. They can take such forms as flavored candies, lollipops, topical lotions and throat cleansing, chewable peppermints. They can have their effects on wide range of symptoms and disorders, which may be either acute or chronic.

Benefits of Compounding

Compounded drugs with the right recipe have the same or an even better effectiveness than a commercial drug could have on kids. They can be produced with exactly the same dosage that the Pediatrician wants to prescribe given that most common dosages are not largely available on commercial windows. Compounding can also be used to produce the drugs which are not available regularly.

They can be consumed orally or other alternatives such as lotions and suppositories can be applied. Compounding also comes of a greater advantage of losing the preservatives, dyes and other ingredients to which some kids may be allergic. It feels more like driving into a restaurant of healthy deserts than a Pharma-store with shelves of bitter strips.

Certified and licensed pharmacists

Dr. Hootan Melamad is a licensed Pharmacist with the necessary qualifications and years of experience working in the industry. Compounding solutions prepared by him and his team come with all the standards of safety and quality. We are aimed at producing the most effective and also the most delicious medicines when it comes to Pediatric Compounding.

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