An out of the box thinker, Hootan Melamed is a doctor of pharmacy who  enjoys helping people by creating products that help relieve some of the discomforts of every day life.  One such product is “Happy Tush™”, an effective over the counter diaper cream that relieves even the most severe diaper rash.

Early on, Hootan recognized that his mother, also a pharmacist, was his role model and spent countless hours watching her compound custom products according to her customers’ needs.  Following in her footsteps, Hootan entered the College of Pharmacy at the University of Southern Nevada and while there earned the USN Scholarship Entrepreneurship Award.  In continuing his commitment to higher education, he holds a seat on the board of trustees for the College of Pharmacy at the University of Southern Nevada, his alma mater.

An open-hearted soul with a great sense of humor, warm personality and an ease of presence, Hootan works tirelessly to contribute to the lives of others both through pharmacology and by donating his of time and resources to the global community. His favorite charity is Beyond The Shelter, a program sponsored by Temple Isiah of Los Angeles, CA.

When he’s not in the lab formulating a new patented product or at board meetings, he enjoys playing basketball, attending sports events, but most of all, spending time with his wife Cathy and their two children.


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