Hootan Melamed Recommends Sports Medicine Compounding to put You Back on the Team

Sports involve aggressive physical activity, which can naturally take a toll on an individual’s physical condition and cause more wear and tear. Therefore, sports medicine has a vital role to play in supporting the health and fitness of athletes. Compounding medications have emerged as a highly effective alternative to address aches and injuries related to sports.

Pre-eminent compounding pharmacy entrepreneur, educator and researcher, Dr. Hootan Melamed, has spent several years in the development of innovative sports medicine solutions in pharmacy. Patients who are unable to achieve satisfactory outcomes with conventional treatments have an excellent chance with compounding pharmacy treatments.

Solutions for Everyone

Compounding pharmacy experts along with healthcare professionals can treat several painful conditions for sports players with topical treatments. From major league outfielders, terrific point guards, newsworthy hockey players, soccer stars, to tail backs for pro football teams, everyone needs solutions to recover completely and correctly from aches and inflammatory conditions, and compounding pharmacy can provide these solutions.

The sunny news for those who are not pros is that these compounding treatments can benefit their conditions too. Those who work out regularly may need treatments for their aches and strains, high school players may require solutions to sports related injuries, and weekend athletes may need to resolve pain in order to go back to work the next week. All of them can avail the marvelous attributes of compounding sports medicine treatments.

Specific Medications

Dr. Hootan Melamed has been a vocal advocate of pharmacy compounding primarily because these treatments provide the opportunity to customize medications according to the targeted needs of a patient. Pharmacists are increasingly working in tandem with healthcare providers to provide solutions that are tailored to address the specific needs of a patient.

Customization plays an important role in sports medicine. Several different ingredients can be combined into a single potent dosage to treat conditions such as fungal infections, nerve injuries, blisters, calluses, and others. Custom treatments can also include compounding solutions for sun block lotions and creams and lip balms.

The pharmacist is in the best position to understand the unique needs of a patient when he works in coordination with the athlete on the one side, and the healthcare professional on the other. It is possible create compounding medications in unique strengths and delivery systems to address the specific condition of an athlete.

Dosage Strength Variations

All athletes go through different training regimens, and each sport involves a different level of physical demand and strain. Within a sport also, each player will have a unique body type.

As a result, unique dosages of medications to suit the targeted needs of a patient can help treat muscle pain and other conditions in the best possible way. Compounding treatments provide a better chance to calibrate the exact quantity of ingredients to meet specific needs.

Delivery Systems

Delivery systems can be customized and modified to suit the needs of a specific sportsperson. The compounding pharmacist may provide topical treatments instead of oral drugs to avoid the risk of gastrointestinal troubles and other side effects. Trigger point treatments can usually provide faster relief and support a quicker overall recovery.

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