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Dr. Hootan Melamed began his illustrious career in pharmacy in early 2000 after completing his first doctorate from College of Pharmacy at the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. He received inspiration to enter the hallowed world of clinical pharmacy from his mother who was a pharmacist herself and created custom medicinal concoctions for her patients.

Dr. Hootan Melamed earned his second doctorate degree in Pharmacy from University of Southern Nevada College of Pharmacy located at Henderson in Nevada. During his second doctorate he was awarded the prestigious USN Scholarship Entrepreneurship Award.

Contribution to compounded pharmacy industry

Dr. Hootan Melamed dedicated most of his early career as a community pharmacist, in the development of a unique compounding medication for pain management. Compounding is an art which involves preparation of customized medicines, which may sometimes include preparation of special dosages or a combination of multiple drugs into a single dose. Compounding required extensive training as well as experience.

Dr Hootan Melamed drew inspiration from his mother who was also a pharmacist and often created customized products for her patients. Motivated by his memories of watching his mother, he focused most of his energies to create customized compounded medicines, particularly for people suffering from work-related injuries. His immense knowledge and experience in the field of compounding led him to establish New Age Pharmacy in July 2007.

Career achievements

Dr. Melamed’s career highlights includes quite a few trademarks and patents, including Happy Tush™ Diaper rash cream. Formulated with special ingredients that heals and soothes stubborn diaper rash, this phenomenal product provided relief to a number of patients and continues to be an extremely reliable and popular product. Additionally, he also holds a provisional patent for Methods for Alleviating Climacteric Symptoms (2005).

One of his interests, among his innumerable research interests includes researching a compound to treat hot flashes in men and women.

After earning his doctorate degrees Dr. Hootan Melamed began his career as a compounding pharmacist to develop special compounds for pain management of patients with work related injuries. Soon his compounds gain acceptance and popularity among patients with special needs who could not take conventional medicines.

Following his achievements in the field of pharmaceutical research and interest in encouraging new talent to this field, Dr. Hootan Melamed was invited by Roseman University to join its Board of Trustees. As a respected member of the board, Dr. Melamed continues to provide financial and educational support to underprivileged students to achieve their career goals.

Dr Hootan Melamed believes that it is important to live compassionately and consciously makes and effort to contribute and give back to the community. As an extension of his compassion for humanity, he provides financial sponsorships, supports charity programs and often donates goods and services to the needy. In his spare time, Dr. Melamed loves to dedicate time for the promotion of sports, particularly among the younger generation, who lead a less active life in the absence of outdoor sports and has been a basketball coach for many years.

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