All You Need To Know About Burning Feet Syndrome (BFS)

About BFS

Burning feet syndrome (BFS), also called as Paresthesia, is a painful condition when a person’s feet experience severe pain. It is defined by a sensation of burning and weightiness in the feet and other  hardships, mainly affecting the toes and soles of the feet.  Some people also develop pins and needles while others may find their feet go numb. The condition can be brought on by nerve damage due to diabetes or due to alcohol abuse.

According to Dr. Hootan Melamed of Skyler Holdings Ltd., other causes of burning feet syndrome include :

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency

  • Chronic kidney disease

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Lyme disease

  • Hypertension

  • Gitelman syndrome

  • Mal-absorption syndrome

Besides neuropathic origins, burning feet can also result from inflammation or infections from conditions like athlete’s foot. It can also be a result of peripheral artery disease with poor circulation causing pain or tingling.

BFS treatment

If burning feet syndrome is brought on by nerve damage, the doctor will first need to act cautiously to prevent any further damage. If there is physical nerve compression, then wider shoes, arch support and compression stockings are usually recommended.

If the condition is caused by an underlying illness, it should be treated first. If no root cause can be isolated, the symptoms may be addressed. The key is to take the assistance of a good healthcare professional.

Many community retail pharmacies work closely with respected licensed pharmacists like Dr. Hootan Melamed, Chairman and Founder of Skyler Holdings Ltd. They assure you of the right kind of treatment depending on the underlying conditions.

Treatment options for Burning Feet Syndrome (BFS)

The ordinary treatments for BFS are neuropathic pain relief medicines. There are a number of drugs which can be used including topical anesthetics anti-convulsants, opioid analgesics and antidepressants.

In alcohol linked BFS, a patient will be advised to stop heavy consumption of alcohol, allowing nerves to recover. For chronic kidney disease related burning feet, dialysis will help eliminate toxins and ease symptoms.

If the Paresthesia is caused by a vitamin deficiency, you may need to take B12 injections or take oral supplements. Typical dosages and durations for vitamins run from 6-10 mg IM for 2-3 weeks for Riboflavin, all the way to 50-100 mg IM for 2-3 weeks for Thiamine and 100 mg IM for 2-3 weeks for Nicotinic acid. Pantothenate  is usually prescribed at 20-40 mg IM for 2-3 weeks and Cyanocobalamin at 1 mg 3-4 times in the first week and then twice weekly for the following week.

About Dr. Hootan Melamed

Dr. Hootan Melamed is a licensed pharmacist with an expertize in both pharmacy and business. Dr. Hootan Melamed usually uses a combination of topical anesthetics, anti-convulsants, opioid analgesics as well as antidepressants to help individuals overcome the painful nerves. Trans-dermal and topical preparations from Dr. Hootan Melamed may include combinations of Ketamine HCl, Gabapentin , Clonidine HCl, Baclofen, Amitriptyline HCl, Lidocaine and Nifedipine. Similarly, capsaicin or lidocaine patches can also help with the pain and reduce numbness.

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